Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cooking up a storm!

We have progress!

This is how we got the hob to fit at last - well this was the moment AFTER the granite was finally cut:

5mm of granite cutting = diabolical mess

 And this is what I wrote into the dust on my dining room table:

Can a single written word be sarcasm at it's best?
 I think it may all be worth it though!

But now, as someone just reminded me, I have to cook! Hmmmm but for fun I bake!


  1. So, what time is dinner and what is it? Should I bring red wine, white wine or a vacuum cleaner?

  2. Would you believe that we have the stove, Hubby out for work dinner, Matthew out for dinner with his uncle, so it is me and Andy - so we are getting sushi! Come on over with the red the white and the Electrolux!!!!

  3. We cooked breakfast the morning for the first time - it took two adult, one kid, a manual and a lot of guess work to get the touch top stove working. Cereal anyone?