Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just another Manic Friday!

LI had such a crazy start!

Money for the school Swim-a-thon had to be in by TODAY - so I borrowed the money from my son (who hoards his cash at age 7) to pay the school. Money for the gardener - I borrowed from my hubby's wallet! Well it is his garden too!

Grade 2 Awards Assembly at the crack of dawn (only one cup of coffee under my belt) oh yes all dressed in green as the house colours for the other school is green - will get to that later! Camera in hand I watch the precious kids singing their hearts out waited as and the kids got their certificates . . . and waited and waited and waited . . . and my son will be getting his at the next assembly to be held next school term!

Off to school 2 for the inter house gala hence the need for the green get up! It is hot today! It is humid today! It rained last night so it is VERY humid today and we sit in the stands in the sun and it is  . . . you got it HOT and HUMID and the sweat is pouring off us as my son partakes in his first senior primary school gala! He is in one race. It is race 4 which is wonderful but there are 42 races in the gala.

But he swam like I have never seen him swim before and not only did he win the leg of the relay he was in but his team won the race.  I screamed like a lunatic, took 472664 photos and jumped up and down - I may not be let back into the school for galas again.

The next 38 races took about  . . .OK I can't lie I left the school after 22 races and dashed home for a shower and a second cup of coffee - in the space where I live it is never too hot for coffee or soup!

The next port of call was the another school date- the Junior Primary dance and movement display - The school OT's have said that all kids will benefit from doing dance and movement and the music teacher has asked me to to make a DVD of the 300 little munchkins dancing on the school field! Remember that 300 kids = 600 parents and grannies and siblings who all want the best spot - and I am in that with the video cam! I am so busy I cant even find my little guy and eventually we manage the mommies, we dance, we record and we get to take out little ones home - only mine has a party so with a quick change in the classroom with his friend "Guarding the doors against GIRLS" I bundle mine off with a friend and I head to the next function . . .

The U10E cricket match at the big school - now this match was played at the same at as the SA vs NZ match and I cannot decide which was more exciting - the U10E's who lost 47 for 2 (sob) with my son being cleaned bowled for 0 or the SA game which knocked us out of the World Cup! Either way a wasted afternoon of cricket in the still hot and humid afternoon!

Luckily I have a wonderful friend who will bring my little one home from a party, and a friend who was at home needing to share her wine with me after I had rounded up the troops - that is how I managed to survive the crazy!

Did I mention that I have a sick husband?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just where do I begin?

I am not having a mid life crisis, I am in the middle of a crazy life! I have the typical suburban life style envied by most, and yet I look yearningly at the women dropping their kids at school, hair done, nails painted and briefcase in the boot next to the school bags! You see I am a stay at home mom, a house wife, a home executive, the minister of home affairs and as my friend so aptly put it - a project manager!

I have 2 sons who are awesome but . . . they are boys - do I need to say any more? Just how many times do you need to tell them NOT to leave wet towels on the bed or floor I ask every morning as I walk into my room to see my hubby has left his wet towel on the bed . . . on MY side!

I have 2 dogs - Labs who like to dig, bark and need I say more they are dogs! And 2 kittens as the boys wanted one each (Shame Mom they will be sad without each other) and they promised they would clean the litter box - and they did - ONCE!

Things seldom go as planned in this crazy life and I will keep you posted between the lunacy.