Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Medical Aide

Following hot on the heals of my friend and fellow blogger Alma I thought I would tell my medical dramas! It is said that things happen in threes well I am up to 5! Hell this must stop now!

  • Kid 1 has bleeding mole! Cannot get into dermatologist of choice till end of November - clearly Botox and fillers are way more lucrative than kids with bleeding moles! So I get into second choice and after PROMISING Kid 1 that I won't let the doctor hurt him (bad lying mommy) we toddle off in the middle of the school day (and Kid 1 needs all the hours of school he can get as he zones out of most of it!) and we get told the doctor is out on an emergency! An emergency outbreak of pimples? A fast growing mole? - he is a DERMATOLOGIST!! So an hour later we see the guy who says "We need to cut the mole off!" (See bad lying mommy comment above) This is done fast and yes, painlessly and the hour we have waited washes away as Kid 1 does not hate me forever! He then looks at my few little bumps and says "You have Cancer!" So on the 26th it is off to the theatre for the song and dance or removing 3 Basel Cell Carcinomas. Promise it wont hurt? That's 2!

  • Mommy has a black out while driving! This is never a good thing! So blood tests and an examination later I am off to the cardiologist! He prods and pokes and scans and tells me that yes those little flappy things are needed - they are the valves! Right! Then an ECG - lying on the bed! Piece of cake! Then he expects me to walk on the treadmill - that in itself could make my heart STOP! 10 Minutes later he declares my heart in fabulous working order but just to be sure we need to do a 24 hour ECG - so on Thursday I am going to get hooked up to a portable monitor to see how my heart manages all day: That's 3!
Doing kids Homework
My hard life

  • Kid 2 gets hurt while playing rugby/jumping on the trampoline/being a boy and complains or ultra sore ribs! So on a Saturday night we dash to the emergency rooms for overpriced after hours x-rays and a fear of punctured lungs, if not broken ribs! An hour and a purse emptied of money later we go home with suppositories (forever after known in our house as Butt Medicine) and a child who says he needs the bathroom! After a massive um, how shall we say it . . . lets just say that butt says it all, he declares he is better. R1000 is the most expensive poo anyone in our family has ever had! That's 4!

  • Max the Cat of Wonderbag fame comes crawling in out of the storm last night - soaking wet, dirty, smelly and crying! Toweling him off and settling him on my lap we look for wounds but find nothing but he continues to cry and moan and eats nothing - Max who eats EVERYTHING wants nothing! We are on high alert! He shivers for an hour then he sleeps on a pillow at my bed side and does not move even after covering him with a warm towel! The Vet is my first stop today! The vet says he thinks he was in a fight and while there is no puncture wounds there is a lot of bruising and a highish temp! He now looks like a patchwork quilt he has been shaved in so many spots! Max prances around the vets rooms and even manages to jump off the examining table! We get home and what does he do - He LIMPS around the house looking for the pillow! I have a Drama Queen cat! That's 5!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wonder Bag???

I was the very lucky winner of a Wonderbag from Jane-Anne Hobbs at Scrumptious South Africa and at a time when I have had no stove I thought it would have been the perfect time to use it but alas I did not get around to doing so!

When I unpacked the package from the post office (which causes great delight in our household) my boys were all "What on earth is that?" and "How lame! Can we have the box?" And the cat agreed that the box was well worth fighting the kids for as he just LOVES boxes too.
If you can climb in it it is MINE! says Max the cat!
If you can cut it up to create stuff it is MINE! says Matthew the 10 year old!
No one was much interested in the contents and if truth be told (sorry Jane-Anne) but I have not yet managed to get a chance to use this fabulous creation!

So it has been in my study/library/dumping ground and yesterday I saw that Max the Cat has won the war!

Jane-Anne I promise I won't cook the cat and I will now go to the Wonderbag website to see how to use this great cooking devise and I will send you photos of the meals I produce!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cooking up a storm!

We have progress!

This is how we got the hob to fit at last - well this was the moment AFTER the granite was finally cut:

5mm of granite cutting = diabolical mess

 And this is what I wrote into the dust on my dining room table:

Can a single written word be sarcasm at it's best?
 I think it may all be worth it though!

But now, as someone just reminded me, I have to cook! Hmmmm but for fun I bake!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Please lets renovate just a little!

When I decided to blog I wanted a place to rant/vent/talk without interruption (love that the most ha ha), and then I wanted to explain the crazy, and then I wanted to get followers, and now I want to explain the crazy again! So a circle it is and the crazy you are going to get!

We are having the house painted!
Well I could just stop there I suppose it is enough to pull your hair out especially when there is zippo privacy as all the windows in the back of the house are being painted, and they are all of the bathrooms in the house and I have had 4 cups of coffee!

Then the stove packs in!
One plate, oven and grill at a time till eventually I manage to convince he, who holds the purse strings for any rather large purchases, that if he ever wants a cooked meal again he was going to have to cough up to have it replaced! And it is built in and who knows what horrors we will find when we try to fit the new one! So dragging the family to the appliance store was last Saturday's Fun Family Outing! We look at the row of shiny new stoves and I ask the Hubby, "Which one do you like?" to which he replies "the Cheap one!" Now why am I not surprised and why did I bother to ask! Can be delivered on Tuesday (and not the cheap one).

Then the Microwave packs in!
Now no stove and no microwave - the universes way to say STOP COOKING!! But the hubby decided to remind me that there is a little company called Mr Microwave around the corner from our house and he bundles it into MY car for repairs the next day - am I not busy enough? Coffee Networking mornings are very important! So luckily for R250 and in 2 hours a very nice man Doug, fixes my microwave so at least we can eat! Damn here I was planning my takeaways for the week!

Daddy Dearest comes to fit the new stove!
He arrives 2 hours late (cannot get good help these days - especially when it is free) and dismantles the old stove with the one remaining hot plate and then finds . . . the new hob does not fit into the old hole! By about 5mm and it is granite! So he tells me to call my granite guy. Is that under G for Granite just after G for God? Where on earth does he think I am going to find a Granite Guy? If I had a granite guy I would not need Daddy Dearest!

The Carpenter!
Here to fix all the wood rot and the bits an bobs that need doing, as well building a shelf for the under counter oven to stand on (no more warming draws in built in ovens you know) tells me that we need to buy a burglar guard for the bathroom window he is replacing as he did not see that the original window has BUILT IN STEEL guards that are the shape of the cottage pane window! Hubby freaks out on the phone, I have to tell The Carpenter that he has to sort it out! The man is 80 if he is a day - how do you fight with the elderly?

Man I need an increase and a bonus!

So we sort out one problem after another, I hit mommy mode and do the school, tennis, rugby, homework thing and the wrestle my eldest into the shower for him to tell me "Mom there is no water coming out of the taps!" According to the water department there is a burst pipe 2 roads up and we have a 6 - 8 hour wait for water and it is 5:30pm!

And I have not even told you about the visit to the Dermatologist yet!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tender Friendships!

How do we moms cope when our children fight with their best friends?

How do we moms cope when the best friend's mom is our friend too?

I am the kind of mom who asks my child "So what did you do?" And "Why on earth would you fight with your best friend?" And "How are we going to fix this?"  Well this week we have had the drama in our household and even though I do not believe that my son is an angel - which 10 year old boy is? I do know that this has been hard for him too as he is not really sure how to handle the situation with his best buddy who he has known since he was tiny!

So I dug deep into my parenting base and told him that while there is always 3 sides to every story - yours, mine and the truth - there is one universal thing I believe! If someone we care about is hurting, and we have in any way contributed to this, we have to be sorry for causing the pain! So we talked about feelings and emotions and hurt and pain and while I am not sure how much of it he really grasped he understood that friendships are tender and important and that we do what we can to make those around us comfortable to be with us! But not in a way that compromises who we are as people!

So when he bounded up to me the next day after school telling me "Mom we need to talk" the smile on his face speaking volumes, I was sure we had done something right. "Mom, I told him I was sorry I had hurt his feelings" and then "and mom he said sorry too, but I am not sure why. But we are all good! Can we have a play date tomorrow?"

And the universe was back on track for that moment!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cleaning is Cathartic!

I am trying hard to be organised! It is not easy as I am a classic hoarder! You NEVER know when you may need something you know! So I keep bits and bobs and thingamajigs and whatchcoms (my granny's word) for the future when you just may need them again.

So I got boxes and a labelling machine as I thought that if I am going to hoard it may as well be in an orderly fashion.

It is working but it is a slow process and I am still not happy to chuck out "stuff". I am also diabolically sentimental so anything that was from my late mom, or my kids, or anyone who loved me enough to give me something is hard to get rid off.

Today I cleaned out the medicine box and thew out 16 bottles of expired meds as well as about 22 blister packs of outdated pills and potions and I have streamlined one part of my life. Wow it feels good and all the waste glass, paper and cardboard went into the recycling which feels good too! What also feels good is that clearly our family is not sick too often.

Look at my medicine box now:

I have a friend who knows me too well. She told me that "Shoving stuff into a cupboard is not actually cleaning!" Nice one Jax!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I have been a bad bad blogger!

I could explain it by saying:
  • The dog ate my hard drive
  • I am SO busy
  • I don't know where the days go
  • The kids are taking up all my time
  • I have been such an attentive mom and actually cooked for the kids recently
  • Oh the people in my life are so demanding
  • I have lost my mojo
Or I could just say

I will return so please be patient!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Left vs Right and somewhere in between

I have just done a very interesting 2 half day seminar with the kids about the brain! Basically you can be Left Brained or Right Brained and you can fall anywhere in between - Far far left is an Aspergers Brain and far far right is an Autistic Brain and in the dead centre is your ultimate boring fence sitter! That is my sum up of the seminar for the purpose of this page - now I will tell you how this affected me in Venice!


We went to this beautiful little island called Burano which lies off Venice. It is a tiny place consisting of amazing coloured buildings and I immediately thought that it looked like the whole island fell into a Dulux paint factory! Fairytale like and romantic, it is quaint and awesome and produces stunning hand made lace.The biggest seller seems to be lace toilet roll holders which do not blow my hair back, but I thought that this would be a perfect place to buy a tablecloth for my new dining room table.

After the humming haring and being taken to a second shop by the sales lady I found THE table cloth. It was not cheep but then quality is not cheep! I loved it and wanted it and was prepared to take the plunge and sell a body part to buy it and then I made a fateful mistake! I turned to the Hubby and said "What do you think?" and so began the Great Lace War of 2011. He of No idea what things cost/No use for things not 100% practical/No likey spend money told me just what he thought - "For that price you can buy 300 beers back home! Or even 66 beers here in Italy at their over inflated prices" Well I did ask!

By the time the calculators had been whipped out and fabulous discounts had been offered he was already out the door and heading towards the first restaurant that sold the beer he had been reminded of, and he is not even a huge drinker in his maturer days!

I am right brained, I am more creative and imaginative and impulsive than my left brained hubby who is analytical, needs all the facts and needs time to think about everything before it is done! I am astounded when he says - I think I may have coffee today instead of tea so I am not exaggerating!

He needs to hear about the table cloth, decide the value of the table cloth, compare prices of other table cloths, see the table cloth on the table, and decide that we can afford the table cloth if we save for 6 months THEN decide if we should buy the table cloth!

I need to get the table cloth because it is pretty!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was going to bombard you with Italy and food and fabulous but life got the better of me this week! I will bore you to tears with more soon but today I need to put this out into the universe! It may only help me but here goes:-

People be nice to each other! Revel in each others glories! Hold hands when support is needed! Cry over sadnesses! Drink coffee or wine and be with them when they need someone to be with! Love their new hairdo's and outfits and cars and be glad for them that they got them! Be happy when they do something wonderful! Or go somewhere you want to go to! Or chose to share a bit of their lives with you! Speak well of them and praise them when they need it even if you feel they may not deserve it!

I have seen a lot of strange things this week and do you know what -life can be hurtful and mean and cruel! Be nice to each other - Why? - it may impact on you next!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Torino Torino Torino

The thing about going to Italy that excited me most (as with most places I have to confess) was the FOOD!  I am a Foodie, a Food Lover, A Gastronomic Finder! I am a Taurus and I think with my stomach! This is probably the reason that I battle to stay a size 10! 

The first part of my holiday was the Hubby's business trip to Turin where I was his Plus 1, and we stayed in a rather southern part of the city and this did not excite me until we drove past this place!


It might not look like much from the outside but when you walk inside . . . Well I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It is a supermarket, deli, market, food store, restaurant (well about 7 restaurants) and and Italian "Woolies" all rolled into one! And I spent almost a whole day 'window shopping' as I knew that we could not buy anything with 2 weeks of travelling ahead of us.

Just hams
Pasta, Pasta, Pasta
ONLY Parmesan Cheese

A small sidebar here:- The people of Turin do NOT speak much English. They are friendly and try, but international tourism is not like the other cities in Italy and so I did a lot of pointing, grunting and nodding.

After all the food staring and salivating I decided to have lunch - this is where the sidebar comes in handy - the menus were all in Italian, and there were things I just did not know how to translate. There are about 7 restaurant stations within this gastronomic sanctuary and the only non Italian speaker was Spanish!

SO, I did what I thought I would only ever do at a Chinese take away, I ordered a number 3 - I had recognised prosciutto as ham! I was offered wine with more gestures and hand signals which I refused - the look of horror was something I thought I would only ever get from my kids when I tried to kiss them goodbye in public so I took the wine. What a fabulous call! The food and wine both danced on my tongue.

I wondered if I could tie myself to the chair and beg for Gastronomic Asylum!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Having a bad hair day? My Bug List for the week!

  • "Drop and go" lane means "DROP AND GO" not get out the car and spend 6 minutes getting junior out of the car, adjusting uniforms, chatting, etc etc then waiting till they are almost in the classroom before driving off. There is parking if you wish!

  • When you pay HUGE money for a hairdresser, and his assistant does all the work and only then does he appear, blow dries your hair, and cuts your fringe and makes it wonky so you need to sort it out with nail scissors at home!

  • Son 1 who thinks it is OK to be rude to the mama because he gets too much homework - I dare you to talk to your teacher that way my boy!

  • My kitten who likes to catch baby birds and torture them! BAD BAD Max!

  • The Visa company who tells me I will be collecting my visa and passport AT THE AIRPORT just before I board an international flight - way to get the stress levels up

  • My beloved dad who tries to be helpful but does not like to commit to time! It is hard to pick up the kids at 3ish! They (the school, oh and the kids) frown at that!

  • Schools who plan things when I am going to be away so makes the planning for the trip more complicated! A field trip, a uniform change and a grade certificate assembly not to mention two grade 4 tests and a book report! EEK Good luck granny!

Is it Wine o'clock yet?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ciao Baby!

At last a reason to be thankful for the amount of overseas travel that the hubby does! The next trip to Italy includes ME - Thanks to Voyager miles and a birthday. But it leads to the crazies as I need a visa as I am a South African passport holder! So a few calls to my long suffering Travel Agent and throwing myself at her feet while in begging mode I get her to find me a Voyager flight which is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack! Mel, you are a star!

Now a Schengen Italian visa requires you book and pay for your flight, you need a trillion Euros worth of travel insurance, ALL hotels need to be booked, e-mail confirmation from the hotels is required:
as well as needing everything bar a blood test and my bra size - THEN you may apply to reserve a place to have your visa reviewed! And I have 24 hours to do it! But at least I will be the best guest - thank you Marco!

I am now an expert on the various cities in Italy that we are visiting, the proximity to landmarks and train stations (Oh yes I have to CARRY my own luggage - *GASP*) Hotels range from the flea pits we can afford, to the luxury we desire and about a bazzion in between - so I put a pin in the computer screen (which is never a good thing for the computer screen) and book us the lower-mid-range-pray-for-no-fleas-and-more-than-a-stodgy-roll-for-breakfast Hotel and pray. But I think HEY it's ITALY is there such a thing as a bad hotel? Dodgy, sure but bad? Anywhere in Italy is going to be wonderful (such an optimist!)

But I do these things along with finding passport photos that vaguely resemble me, to getting out my passport with a photo that is so hideous that I just hope that the immigration staff just think I REALLY need a holiday, to booking hopefully undodgy hotels, to getting a flight to.....the list goes on along with looking after the offspring, having the hubby overseas for the 27000th time this year, having some in-laws arriving and having my two kitties "fixed", baking for a cake sale, booking hair appointments and seeing a dear friend out from the USA - oh yes and having to organise the kids for the time we are away remember, I got the crazies and said to the hubby "Shoe! But this is stressful!!" to which he replied from the comfort of the 5 Star hotel in which ever city he was in at the time "Oh this is supposed to be fun, so relax!" 

I may be speaking to him by the time we board for Turino!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water water everywhere . . . . .

3 weeks ago:
"Hello, I would like to report a leaking water meter"
"blah blah blah - here is your reference and someone will attend to it within 48 hours"

2 weeks ago:
Ding Dong
"Hello Mrs W, this is your neighbour. Do you know you have a leak coming from your water meter?"
"Hello, I would like to report a leaking water meter"
"blah blah blah - here is your reference and someone will attend to it within 48 hours"
"I have a reference from last week"
"Ah yes I see they came out and repaired it then"
"Well I never did see them and it is still leaking, actually it is pouring out!"
"blah blah blah - take down your reference and someone will attend to it within 48 hours"

1 week ago:
"Hello, I would like to do a follow up report on my leaking water meter"
"According to the reference the plumber came out and they sad it was rain wate
"Well it must still be raining as it is still pouring out"

"blah blah blah - here is your reference and someone will attend to it within 48 hours. Can we confirm it is number 22?"
"No we are number 27!"
"Aahh well they have fixed number 22's water meter"
"There is no number 22 in our road!"
"blah blah blah - here is your reference and someone will attend to it within 48 hours"

Saturday night - 8pm
Ding Dong
"Who is it?"
"It's the Plumber - we have come to fix the pipes"
After the job was completed it was great to hear these words
"The water leading into your house has been contaminated by dirty groundwater and it is technically not fit for domestic consumption!"


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Weekend Lunacy!

My Beloved hubby is away again! Ho Hum! For most of the Easter weekend it is me and the kids and sleep overs and outings and homework and for most of it my even more beloved domestic worker is on leave!

We have to do the 20 minute mad scramble Easter Egg hunt for the 7 year old who is firmly entrenched in the belief that Fluffy Bunnies bring us huge piles of chocolate - The almost 10 year old, who finally made me "tell him the truth", was a gem and did a sign, a letter from his Fluffiness and used half a bottle of baby powder to make Easter dust - do you know how far "Easter Dust" can spread around the house, especially with 2 kids and 2 crazy kittens? Far, very very far!

Leaving the hubby to pack for his long haul trip the kids and I trapes to church - we have to park so far away we might as well have walked there from home! and while we do the trek I have two voices in my ear! No, not my good side and my bad side, my kids whining about having to: a) go to church b) go to church so early c) got to church without eating their Easter eggs d) having to walk so far to church! NOT sure I have a priest in the making here!

On our arrival home we kiss the man and send him on his merry way - he hates the travel, but at this point I am envisioning him in the business class seat with good food, bubbly, a TV monitor with HIS OWN REMOTE THAT NO ONE TOUCHES, 12 hours to read his book , and no kids .... hmmm which would you choose?

My folks are coming for brunch! My dad is always on the kids' side (which all good grandparents should be) but to the point that I cannot even tell them to chew with their mouths closed without The Look and the clicking of the tongue so we have some tongue biting to do ahead of us! And yes those situations arose, and I bit my tongue as best I could, and we did not start the Great Family Feud of 2011 - that was started a few weeks ago but that is a whole different story!

Surviving the brunch I head out to the Country Club to do an Easter Egg hunt with my friend who is also flying solo at this time - so while all the kids hunter for still more chocolate we partook in a little G&T around the pool - such a fabulous idea! And back home to ours where we did a braai (BBQ) for the kids - we girls managed to cook on the braai, get out the dishes, pour our own drinks, make a salad, help the kids and wash up all on our own - men are you reading this?

Fast forward to today - HOMEWORK on a holiday is just so much fun. One book report and one report back for the class mascot (oh joy we got him for a whole week!) We are long weekended out, trying to do it without the co-parent, cannot find one pair of the 2769 pairs of scissors in my house, have a child who once it is written on paper declares it as "FINE" even when I suggest that he might improve on something, and one AR child who when he makes a mistake wants to beat himself with a cat 'o nine tails and so this has lead to many tears - mostly mine!

Thank heavens the district has decided that while many schools can take the next two days off as they are jammed between so many school holidays, ours are back at school tomorrow!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why I get the crazies!

My husband travels. He travels a lot. He does not stay away for long periods of time but he travels every week. Every week! He goes to some fabulous destinations and some not so fabulous ones, but each trip takes him away from home and he lives out of hotel rooms and suitcases! Now I know there are jobs which takes people away (I have a friend whose husband is a commercial pilot) but they generally have some home time between - down days, leave, flight breaks - My poor man works under 3 different divisions who all want a piece of him! Sometimes at the same time. Sometimes the divisions conflict and he is the Piggy-In-The-Middle! (imagine flying for Delta, Virgin and SAA and they all want you to fly on Tuesday - to a different destination! NO arguments!) That explains why the travel is so tough - it comes with a whole lot of conflict - not to mention the work content.

So while he travels I stay at home and be mom, dad, manager, accountant, plumber, chef, teacher, driver ... all the mom stuff and all the dad stuff too! But single moms do that all the time I may hear you reply. And yes you would be right, but if I was a single mom I would not have a house with all the maintenance, 4 animals and have to juggle two different life styles in two different time zones. I would make all the decisions and would not have to wait for the right time to find out if we can (fill in the blank) as a family next weekend, book a holiday, accept an invitation etc etc. Blackberry and e-mails work, but wow what a way to run a marriage!

And we have boys - boys need a dad and yes,I hear the laments about bad dads and absent dads and dysfunctional dads and I feel your pain, but my kids have a wonderful dad who they miss the benefits of so often! And poor old dad never gets to relax or chill as he has to cram fatherhood into 48 hours a week. "Play cricket with me Dad, read to me Dad, let's swim Dad, why you reading your paper Dad, afternoon naps are b-o-r-i-n-g Dad, lets go surfing Dad, PLEASE don't go out Dad!" Maybe the 24 hour journeys are relaxing after all!

So I just do it!
But you know what, it does add to the crazy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Things I Love

I decided to remind myself of some of the things I love:
    There are many more but these come to mind without thinking!
     Life is not all crazy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just another Manic Friday!

LI had such a crazy start!

Money for the school Swim-a-thon had to be in by TODAY - so I borrowed the money from my son (who hoards his cash at age 7) to pay the school. Money for the gardener - I borrowed from my hubby's wallet! Well it is his garden too!

Grade 2 Awards Assembly at the crack of dawn (only one cup of coffee under my belt) oh yes all dressed in green as the house colours for the other school is green - will get to that later! Camera in hand I watch the precious kids singing their hearts out waited as and the kids got their certificates . . . and waited and waited and waited . . . and my son will be getting his at the next assembly to be held next school term!

Off to school 2 for the inter house gala hence the need for the green get up! It is hot today! It is humid today! It rained last night so it is VERY humid today and we sit in the stands in the sun and it is  . . . you got it HOT and HUMID and the sweat is pouring off us as my son partakes in his first senior primary school gala! He is in one race. It is race 4 which is wonderful but there are 42 races in the gala.

But he swam like I have never seen him swim before and not only did he win the leg of the relay he was in but his team won the race.  I screamed like a lunatic, took 472664 photos and jumped up and down - I may not be let back into the school for galas again.

The next 38 races took about  . . .OK I can't lie I left the school after 22 races and dashed home for a shower and a second cup of coffee - in the space where I live it is never too hot for coffee or soup!

The next port of call was the another school date- the Junior Primary dance and movement display - The school OT's have said that all kids will benefit from doing dance and movement and the music teacher has asked me to to make a DVD of the 300 little munchkins dancing on the school field! Remember that 300 kids = 600 parents and grannies and siblings who all want the best spot - and I am in that with the video cam! I am so busy I cant even find my little guy and eventually we manage the mommies, we dance, we record and we get to take out little ones home - only mine has a party so with a quick change in the classroom with his friend "Guarding the doors against GIRLS" I bundle mine off with a friend and I head to the next function . . .

The U10E cricket match at the big school - now this match was played at the same at as the SA vs NZ match and I cannot decide which was more exciting - the U10E's who lost 47 for 2 (sob) with my son being cleaned bowled for 0 or the SA game which knocked us out of the World Cup! Either way a wasted afternoon of cricket in the still hot and humid afternoon!

Luckily I have a wonderful friend who will bring my little one home from a party, and a friend who was at home needing to share her wine with me after I had rounded up the troops - that is how I managed to survive the crazy!

Did I mention that I have a sick husband?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just where do I begin?

I am not having a mid life crisis, I am in the middle of a crazy life! I have the typical suburban life style envied by most, and yet I look yearningly at the women dropping their kids at school, hair done, nails painted and briefcase in the boot next to the school bags! You see I am a stay at home mom, a house wife, a home executive, the minister of home affairs and as my friend so aptly put it - a project manager!

I have 2 sons who are awesome but . . . they are boys - do I need to say any more? Just how many times do you need to tell them NOT to leave wet towels on the bed or floor I ask every morning as I walk into my room to see my hubby has left his wet towel on the bed . . . on MY side!

I have 2 dogs - Labs who like to dig, bark and need I say more they are dogs! And 2 kittens as the boys wanted one each (Shame Mom they will be sad without each other) and they promised they would clean the litter box - and they did - ONCE!

Things seldom go as planned in this crazy life and I will keep you posted ...in between the lunacy.