Friday, September 9, 2011

Wonder Bag???

I was the very lucky winner of a Wonderbag from Jane-Anne Hobbs at Scrumptious South Africa and at a time when I have had no stove I thought it would have been the perfect time to use it but alas I did not get around to doing so!

When I unpacked the package from the post office (which causes great delight in our household) my boys were all "What on earth is that?" and "How lame! Can we have the box?" And the cat agreed that the box was well worth fighting the kids for as he just LOVES boxes too.
If you can climb in it it is MINE! says Max the cat!
If you can cut it up to create stuff it is MINE! says Matthew the 10 year old!
No one was much interested in the contents and if truth be told (sorry Jane-Anne) but I have not yet managed to get a chance to use this fabulous creation!

So it has been in my study/library/dumping ground and yesterday I saw that Max the Cat has won the war!

Jane-Anne I promise I won't cook the cat and I will now go to the Wonderbag website to see how to use this great cooking devise and I will send you photos of the meals I produce!


  1. Wonderbag? Mmmm....need to see you use it to understand it. Looks like a comfy cat bed to me.