Monday, June 20, 2011

Left vs Right and somewhere in between

I have just done a very interesting 2 half day seminar with the kids about the brain! Basically you can be Left Brained or Right Brained and you can fall anywhere in between - Far far left is an Aspergers Brain and far far right is an Autistic Brain and in the dead centre is your ultimate boring fence sitter! That is my sum up of the seminar for the purpose of this page - now I will tell you how this affected me in Venice!


We went to this beautiful little island called Burano which lies off Venice. It is a tiny place consisting of amazing coloured buildings and I immediately thought that it looked like the whole island fell into a Dulux paint factory! Fairytale like and romantic, it is quaint and awesome and produces stunning hand made lace.The biggest seller seems to be lace toilet roll holders which do not blow my hair back, but I thought that this would be a perfect place to buy a tablecloth for my new dining room table.

After the humming haring and being taken to a second shop by the sales lady I found THE table cloth. It was not cheep but then quality is not cheep! I loved it and wanted it and was prepared to take the plunge and sell a body part to buy it and then I made a fateful mistake! I turned to the Hubby and said "What do you think?" and so began the Great Lace War of 2011. He of No idea what things cost/No use for things not 100% practical/No likey spend money told me just what he thought - "For that price you can buy 300 beers back home! Or even 66 beers here in Italy at their over inflated prices" Well I did ask!

By the time the calculators had been whipped out and fabulous discounts had been offered he was already out the door and heading towards the first restaurant that sold the beer he had been reminded of, and he is not even a huge drinker in his maturer days!

I am right brained, I am more creative and imaginative and impulsive than my left brained hubby who is analytical, needs all the facts and needs time to think about everything before it is done! I am astounded when he says - I think I may have coffee today instead of tea so I am not exaggerating!

He needs to hear about the table cloth, decide the value of the table cloth, compare prices of other table cloths, see the table cloth on the table, and decide that we can afford the table cloth if we save for 6 months THEN decide if we should buy the table cloth!

I need to get the table cloth because it is pretty!

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