Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Having a bad hair day? My Bug List for the week!

  • "Drop and go" lane means "DROP AND GO" not get out the car and spend 6 minutes getting junior out of the car, adjusting uniforms, chatting, etc etc then waiting till they are almost in the classroom before driving off. There is parking if you wish!

  • When you pay HUGE money for a hairdresser, and his assistant does all the work and only then does he appear, blow dries your hair, and cuts your fringe and makes it wonky so you need to sort it out with nail scissors at home!

  • Son 1 who thinks it is OK to be rude to the mama because he gets too much homework - I dare you to talk to your teacher that way my boy!

  • My kitten who likes to catch baby birds and torture them! BAD BAD Max!

  • The Visa company who tells me I will be collecting my visa and passport AT THE AIRPORT just before I board an international flight - way to get the stress levels up

  • My beloved dad who tries to be helpful but does not like to commit to time! It is hard to pick up the kids at 3ish! They (the school, oh and the kids) frown at that!

  • Schools who plan things when I am going to be away so makes the planning for the trip more complicated! A field trip, a uniform change and a grade certificate assembly not to mention two grade 4 tests and a book report! EEK Good luck granny!

Is it Wine o'clock yet?

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  1. Love it and oh how I can relate!!! Thanks for the giggle and yes, it most certainly is Wine o'clock by now!