Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Weekend Lunacy!

My Beloved hubby is away again! Ho Hum! For most of the Easter weekend it is me and the kids and sleep overs and outings and homework and for most of it my even more beloved domestic worker is on leave!

We have to do the 20 minute mad scramble Easter Egg hunt for the 7 year old who is firmly entrenched in the belief that Fluffy Bunnies bring us huge piles of chocolate - The almost 10 year old, who finally made me "tell him the truth", was a gem and did a sign, a letter from his Fluffiness and used half a bottle of baby powder to make Easter dust - do you know how far "Easter Dust" can spread around the house, especially with 2 kids and 2 crazy kittens? Far, very very far!

Leaving the hubby to pack for his long haul trip the kids and I trapes to church - we have to park so far away we might as well have walked there from home! and while we do the trek I have two voices in my ear! No, not my good side and my bad side, my kids whining about having to: a) go to church b) go to church so early c) got to church without eating their Easter eggs d) having to walk so far to church! NOT sure I have a priest in the making here!

On our arrival home we kiss the man and send him on his merry way - he hates the travel, but at this point I am envisioning him in the business class seat with good food, bubbly, a TV monitor with HIS OWN REMOTE THAT NO ONE TOUCHES, 12 hours to read his book , and no kids .... hmmm which would you choose?

My folks are coming for brunch! My dad is always on the kids' side (which all good grandparents should be) but to the point that I cannot even tell them to chew with their mouths closed without The Look and the clicking of the tongue so we have some tongue biting to do ahead of us! And yes those situations arose, and I bit my tongue as best I could, and we did not start the Great Family Feud of 2011 - that was started a few weeks ago but that is a whole different story!

Surviving the brunch I head out to the Country Club to do an Easter Egg hunt with my friend who is also flying solo at this time - so while all the kids hunter for still more chocolate we partook in a little G&T around the pool - such a fabulous idea! And back home to ours where we did a braai (BBQ) for the kids - we girls managed to cook on the braai, get out the dishes, pour our own drinks, make a salad, help the kids and wash up all on our own - men are you reading this?

Fast forward to today - HOMEWORK on a holiday is just so much fun. One book report and one report back for the class mascot (oh joy we got him for a whole week!) We are long weekended out, trying to do it without the co-parent, cannot find one pair of the 2769 pairs of scissors in my house, have a child who once it is written on paper declares it as "FINE" even when I suggest that he might improve on something, and one AR child who when he makes a mistake wants to beat himself with a cat 'o nine tails and so this has lead to many tears - mostly mine!

Thank heavens the district has decided that while many schools can take the next two days off as they are jammed between so many school holidays, ours are back at school tomorrow!

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