Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just where do I begin?

I am not having a mid life crisis, I am in the middle of a crazy life! I have the typical suburban life style envied by most, and yet I look yearningly at the women dropping their kids at school, hair done, nails painted and briefcase in the boot next to the school bags! You see I am a stay at home mom, a house wife, a home executive, the minister of home affairs and as my friend so aptly put it - a project manager!

I have 2 sons who are awesome but . . . they are boys - do I need to say any more? Just how many times do you need to tell them NOT to leave wet towels on the bed or floor I ask every morning as I walk into my room to see my hubby has left his wet towel on the bed . . . on MY side!

I have 2 dogs - Labs who like to dig, bark and need I say more they are dogs! And 2 kittens as the boys wanted one each (Shame Mom they will be sad without each other) and they promised they would clean the litter box - and they did - ONCE!

Things seldom go as planned in this crazy life and I will keep you posted between the lunacy.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging Lunatic Mom!
    I look forward to following the lunacy.

  2. My house! 6am every day! Be there! :)